Policy Briefs

Title Date Author(s) Publication Notes Publication Type
February 2023 Prashanth S. Venkataram, Justin A. Flynn, Giovanni Circella Policy Brief
October 2022 Caroline Rodier, Brian Harold Policy Brief
April 2022 Colin Murphy, Michael J. Kleeman, Guihua Wang, Yiting Li Policy Brief
December 2021 Caroline Rodier, Miguel Jaller, Elham Pourrahmani, Anmol Pahwa, Joschka Bischoff, Joel Freedman Policy Brief
December 2021 Caroline Rodier, Brian Harold Policy brief examining an electric vehicle carsharing pilot called Míocar, which seeks to provide carsharing to price-sensitive populations with low transit access at a price point that is more affordable than owning a personal vehicle. Policy Brief
August 2021 Sam Fuller, Susan Handy, Mollie D'Agostino, Tatjana Kunz, Austin L. Brown Policy brief assessing the goals and effectiveness of transportation network company fees in achieving specific policy objectives, primarily congestion and emissions mitigation. Policy Brief
July 2021 Grant Matson, Sean McElroy, Giovanni Circella, Yongsung Lee Policy Brief
June 2021 Austin L. Brown, Mollie D'Agostino, Sam Fuller Policy brief highlighting key themes from a series of ten interviews with U.S. cities with micromobility programs in their jurisdictions. Policy Brief
August 2020 Ingrid Behrsin, Olivia Zanzonico, Johanna Heyer, Alejandro Prieto, Francesca Disano Policy brief presenting two simple strategies for improving state-level Renewable Portfolio Standards data reporting. Policy Brief
April 2020 Sam Fuller, Austin Brown California’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Program (CVRP) is the largest zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) incentive program in the United States. This policy brief summarizes how changes to the CVRP incentive structure may have affected California's ZEV market. Policy Brief
February 2020 Caroline Rodier, Laura Podolsky Policy Brief
August 2019 Mollie D'Agostino, Paige Pellaton, Austin Brown An overview of the top needs and challenges surrounding mobility data sharing and four relevant policy strategies. Policy Brief
Austin L. Brown, Alan Jenn Policy Brief
Caroline Rodier, Brian Harold Policy Brief