Reports and Papers

Title Date Author(s) Publication Notes Publication Type
July 2023 Julie Witcover, Colin Murphy Research Report
May 2023 Pierpaolo Cazzola, Colin Murphy Research Report
April 2023 Gil Tal, Peter K Benoliel, Juan Carlos Garcia Sanchez, Kevin Hernandez Rios Research Report
March 2023 Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Susan L. Handy,Paul M. Ong, Jesus M. Barajas, Jacob L. Wasserman, Chhandara Pech, Juan Carlos Garcia Sanchez, Andres F. Ramirez, Aakansha Jain, and others Research Report
March 2023 Yiting Li, Guihua Wang, Colin Murphy, Michael J. Kleeman Research Report
February 2023 Prashanth S. Venkataram, Justin A. Flynn, Giovanni Circella Research Report
January 2023 Adam Wilkinson Davis, Joshua Stark, Juan Carlos Garcia Sanchez Research Report
December 2022 Colin Murphy Research Report
May 2022 Caroline Rodier, Brian Harold, Yunwan Zhang UC Davis partnered with the eight San Joaquin Valley Metropolitan Planning Organizations to identify and support development of three innovative mobility pilot concepts for the region. Research Report
April 2022 Colin Murphy, Michael J. Kleeman, Guihua Wang, Yiting Li Research Report
March 2022 Pablo Busch, Alissa Kendall, Colin W. Murphy, Sabbie A. Miller This study undertakes a review of previous research on cement and concrete decarbonization and analyzes the most common proposed measures along their level of action, involved stakeholders, barriers to implementation, and coordinated policy actions. Research Report
August 2021 Mollie Cohen D'Agostino, Jerel Francisco, Susan A. Shaheen, Daniel Sperling Issue paper leveraging the eight principles for AV policy included in the draft CalSTA framework. Issue Paper
July 2021 Daniel Mazzone, Colin Murphy, Julie Witcover This LCFS status report is the latest in a series of updates based on program metrics. It focuses on the programs in the Pacific Coast Collaborative (PCC) jurisdictions of California, Oregon, and BC, and covers 2010 through 2020 Q2 (the most recent data available at the time of writing). Research Report
June 2021 Sam Fuller, Dillon Fitch, Mollie D'Agostino White paper highlighting key themes from a series of ten interviews with U.S. cities with micromobility programs in their jurisdictions. White Paper
April 2021 Austin L. Brown, Daniel Sperling, Bernadette Austin, Jr DeShazo, Lew Fulton, Timothy Lipman, Colin Murphy, Jean-Daniel Saphores, Gil Tal Research-driven analysis of options that can put California on a pathway to achieve carbon-neutral transportation by 2045. Research Report
March 2021 Sam Fuller, Tatjana Kunz, Austin L. Brown, Mollie Cohen D'Agostino White paper assessing the goals and effectiveness of transportation network company fees in achieving specific policy objectives, primarily congestion and emissions mitigation. White Paper
August 2020 Julie Witcover, Colin Murphy Research report reviewing Oregon's Clean Fuels Program (CFP) data from the first three years of CFP operation, including an overview of program characteristics, identification of key trends, and comparison of the CFP to LCFS. Research Report
May 2020 Kelly L. Fleming, Mollie Cohen D'Agostino Issue paper synthesizing research related to electrification of Transportation Network Company (TNC) vehicles and policy pathways for addressing barriers to electric-vehicle (EV) use among TNC drivers. Issue Paper
April 2020 Kelly L. Fleming Research report addressing the nature of statutes related to Automated Vehicles (AVs), which tend to be preliminary in scope. This paper creates a scale for evaluating AV policy from most permissive to most restrictive. Research Report