Policy & Popcorn: “Liability and Insurance Needs for Automated Vehicles”

About the Session
Automated vehicles (AVs) will crash less frequently than human-driven vehicles, but they will still crash. Who will be responsible when an AV fails—and what must they do to protect themselves?

This session explores how liability and insurance needs will change with the advent of automated vehicles. Specifically, it will consider four parties—AV manufacturers, operators, fleet owners, and dispatchers—who have “skin in the game” when it comes to AVs. Is one of these parties most responsible, or should the liability burden be shared? Are there others who may be at fault in an AV crash? Come join the discussion!

About the Speaker
Gordon Anderson, UC Davis School of Law ’19, is a Legal Fellow at the UC Davis Policy Institute. Since joining the Policy Institute in early 2018, his research has focused on the legal issues surrounding automated vehicles. He is the lead author of “Automated Vehicle Liability and Insurance”, a four-part issue paper series about the liability burdens that different participants in the automated vehicle ecosystem may face. Prior to joining that Policy Institute, he served as an extern law clerk for the Supreme Court of the Northern Mariana Islands and earned a bachelor’s degree in American Literature and Culture from UCLA.