Climate-Resilient Communities

 September 11 • 8 a.m.–1 p.m.


Different communities face different climate threats, including rising sea levels, increased incidence of drought, extreme heat events, more intense wildfires, and many others. A resilient community needs to be able to proactively prepare for, adequately respond to, and rapidly recover from climate impacts: for instance, by ensuring that accessible locations retain power, climate control, clean water, and mobility in a crisis. Many communities, especially those in small- and medium-sized cities, do not yet have the resources to build resilience. This session will highlight opportunities for researchers and communities to work together to develop and implement integrated community climate resilience strategies. Particular focus will be placed on the concept of resilience hubs, which provide necessities in extreme situations and service “normal” days to prepare for and enable community resilience.

Organizing Partners

Agenda (PDF)

8:30 AM

Welcome and Introductions

Benjamin Finkelor, UC Davis Energy and Efficiency Institute
Gordon Feller, Meeting of the Minds
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Opening Keynote Addresses

California's Approach to Climate Change and Resiliency
Andrew McCallister, California Energy Commission

Utilities' Role in Supporting Climate-Resilient Communities
Jill Anderson, Southern California Edison
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9:20—10:15 AM

Panel Session 1: Cooling

This session explores how to derive cost-effective, energy efficient solutions for historically "undercooled" communities.

Michael McNeil (Panel Lead)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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Theresa Pistochini
UC Davis Energy and Efficiency Institute
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Eric Mackres
Manager, Building Efficiency
World Resources Institute Ross Center for Sustainable Cities
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10:30—11:15 AM

Panel Session 2: Distributed Energy Resources

This session explores how to deploy Distributed Energy Resources to enable resource-responsive energy infrastructure.

Jill Anderson (Panel Lead)
Southern California Edison
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Sergio Medina Gonzalez
State of Jalisco Energy Agency
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Mark Esguerra
Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Bruce Dickinson

11:15 AM—12:00 PM

Panel Session 3: Rebuilding Communities

This session explores how to rebuild communities already devastated by climate-driven disasters.

Walker Wells (Panel Lead)
Raimi + Associates

Geoffrey Ross
Sonoma County Community Development Commission
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Tanya Peacock
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Jake Elder
Bloomberg Associates

12:00 PM

Wrap-up Comments on Themed Sessions

Gordon Feller
Meeting of the Minds

12:05 PM

Closing Keynote Address

Luis Carlos Romo
Commission of Ecology and Sustainable Development
State of Sonora