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  • How Lyft and Uber Can Fix–Not Cause–Congestion

    Though app-based car services such as Uber and Lyft may displace public transit to some extent, there is even greater—yet largely ignored—potential for such services to reduce net congestion by facilitating multi-passenger pooling.

  • Trying To Make Sense Of Trump's Rollback Of Vehicle Standards

    The evidence shows that freezing Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) program standards is hard to justify on economic, social, environmental, or legal grounds.

  • Global Electric Vehicle Sales are Accelerating, but Could Tariffs and Uncertain Policies Make it Hit the Brakes?

    The PH & EV Research Center is following the direction of worldwide PEV markets. While the United States may be facing road blocks because of changing regulations and tariffs, the electric mobility market in other nations continues to grow.

  • New Mobility Companies For A New Future

    New technologies and business models are unlocking what could be a trillion dollar market for new mobility services—converting individual car ownership and uncompensated driving into commercial businesses.

  • Can Local Governments Make Lyft and Uber More Sustainable?

    Susan Pike interviews representatives at the front lines of transporation innovation on their expectations of the impacts of ridehailing services.

  • Is Natural Gas the Transition Fuel for Hydrogen?

    A new plan to lower carbon emissions in homes injects low carbon hydrogen into the natural gas grid. However, blending hydrogen into existing networks ultimately limits the scale of possible hydrogen adoption.

  • Automakers and Policymakers May Be on a Path to Electric Vehicles; Consumers Aren’t

    While the number of models and makes of PEV’s has nearly doubled from 2014 to 2017, consumers are still largely unaware of the transition to Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEV).

  • Planning in the Face of Transportation Revolutions

    Learn more about the actions planners can take to embrace the 3 transportation revolutions in this summary of ITS policy brief, “Land Use Planning and Transportation Policies.”

  • Can the Electric Grid Handle Fleets of Shared, Electric and Autonomous Vehicles?

    Long-range development of EV charging networks, and other critical infrastructure, will require a holistic approach to strategically transition the needs of today’s travel to enable a brighter transportation future tomorrow.