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  • New Review Explores the Future of Road Electrification in the United States

    A review by the Policy Institute’s Austin Brown, Kelly Fleming and Hannah Safford exploring the available technologies and key challenges for electrification of the transportation sector. Electrification is necessary to fight the current impacts of transportation on climate change, and is possible with current and future technologies, infrastructure and policy.

  • UC Institute of Transportation Studies to lead major study on a carbon-neutral transportation system for California

    The Policy Institute, working with the UC Institute of Transportation Studies, will lead a major study for the California Environmental Protection Agency to help steer the state towards its goal of carbon neutrality by 2045.

  • Q&A: The Biggest Source Of Carbon Emissions Or The Best Opportunity?

    Austin Brown talks with the Alliance to Save Energy about the current trends and future potential of transportation.

  • How (Almost) Everyone Came To Love Low Carbon Fuels In California

    Automakers and energy utilities now embrace California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, and even oil companies accept it.

  • Trying To Make Sense Of Trump's Rollback Of Vehicle Standards

    The evidence shows that freezing Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) program standards is hard to justify on economic, social, environmental, or legal grounds.