CITRIS Funding Awarded for General Charger Feed Specification Project

The UC Davis Policy Institute, in partnership with UC Berkeley, was among one of the grantees this year for their project, General Charger Feed Specification. The big-picture vision of this project is to enable a seamless experience for charging electric vehicles through better data availability.

The CITRIS Core Seed Funding program awards grants of up to $60,000 to support information technology solutions for society’s most pressing issues. The CITRIS funding program utilizes the research strengths of UC campuses and the development of innovative technologies. This project will be spearheaded under the administration of the Policy Institute’s Austin Brown, and UC Berkeley’s Timothy Lipman.

The project addresses the lack of availability of charger data, a key challenge for electric vehicle (EV) users. Currently, charger data is kept in multiple formats by individual companies with little motivation to share data. In other applications like transit data, a ‘feed specification’ assures that shared data is in a standard format so it can be used by other companies and the general public. This project will take initial steps for developing a feed specification for electric vehicle supply infrastructure (EVSE). It will include elements of computer science and data processing to guide the development of a lightweight and useful framework. Primary project elements include: 1) EV user survey; 2) assessment of available data; 3) development of system specifications; 4) review of best practices for data feed specifications; 5) development and implementation of a pilot specification and test, and 6) partnership with infrastructure funders to explore the potential of adding data sharing requirements to funding.

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