Austin Brown leads NREL panel for Mobility Day

On August 15, Austin Brown served as a panelist at the second Partner Forum hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)in Golden, Colorado. One theme of the Forum was the role of human behavior in impacting innovating. Austin pointed out the importance of considering how people value time when designing new mobility services. Austin’s panel focused on how human behavior can and should impact innovation. “People hate waiting for things and place a higher premium on their own time if they’re waiting,” he stated. He went on to observe that if developments like automation enable people to pursue activities other than driving (e.g., doing work or watching a movie) while in transit, the perceived cost of car-based travel time would decline and demand for car-based travel could increase.

The Forum is intended to strengthen relationships among NREL researchers, experts, and representatives of companies and organizations to facilitate rapid, responsible deployment of new energy technologies. NREL engages in nearly 750 active partnerships with more than 500 partners to achieve its ultimate goal of realizing a more efficient, affordable, safe, and resilient energy future.

At the second NREL Partner Forum, Austin Brown remarks on the importance of factoring human behavior into the design of new mobility services. (Photo credit: NREL)

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