Our Team


Austin Brown

Executive Director

Austin builds strong connections between the research and policy communities at the local, state, and national levels with a focus on clean energy and sustainable transportation.

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Colin Murphy

Deputy Director

Colin helps guide research and outreach on issues relating to transportation, energy, air quality, and carbon markets.

Mollie D'Agostino

Mollie Cohen D'Agostino

Policy Director

Mollie directs the 3 Revolutions Future Mobility Program at the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis. Her work spans several sectors and includes environmental policy, community development, and transportation planning.

Kelly Fleming

Kelly Fleming

Energy and Transportation Policy Analyst

Kelly is a policy analyst with the Policy Institute, where she provides analysis of world-leading research for equitable, economic, sustainable energy, and transportation policy solutions.

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J.C. Garcia Sanchez

Environmental Justice Policy Analyst

J.C. is an Environmental Justice Policy Analyst focusing on responsible urban development and the equitable distribution of public recreation spaces. He came to UC Davis after working as an Adjunct Faculty for several Community Colleges in Southern California, and as a Lecturer at Cal Poly Pomona.

Brian Harold

Brian Harold

Policy Evaluation Specialist

Brian specializes in program evaluation. He focuses on evaluating the design, implementation, and impact of a diverse array of energy, transportation, and natural resources initiatives.

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Sara Schremmer

Program and Outreach Manager

Sara manages the Policy Institute’s portfolio of policy research projects and executes engagement strategies to connect research to appropriate policy audiences.

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Hannah Safford


Hannah works at the nexus of engineering and public policy, focusing on water, ecosystems, and climate. She also supports the Policy Institute on communications and outreach.

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Jen-Ann Lee

Legal Fellow

Jen-Ann’s research focuses on innovative transportation technologies and the legal implications. She is also interested in the role administrative law plays in environmental policy.

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Jonathan Colner

Graduate Student Researcher

Jonathan Colner is a researcher with the Policy Institute and a Ph.D. student in Political Science with an interest in electoral rules and local institutions.

Sam Fuller

Sam Fuller

Graduate Student Researcher

Sam’s research for the Policy Institute focuses on political behavior. He is interested in how incentives, ideology, and other factors affect behaviors that often influence policy outcomes.

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Ryan Miller

Graduate Student Researcher

Ryan’s research focuses on the nexus between planning policies and housing affordability as they relate to transportation access, zoning, and natural hazard risk exposure.

Jerel Francisco

Jerel Francisco

Graduate Student Researcher

Jerel is a graduate student in Transportation, Technology, and Policy. He is focusing his research on the policy implications of new and clean mobility options in the context of local and regional planning.

Amber Mace

Amber Mace

Policy Fellow

Amber is Executive Director of the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) and a Policy Fellow with the Policy Institute.


Ingrid Behrsin

Affiliate Researcher

Ingrid works on the processes through which energy technologies and fuels are classified as renewable.

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Mark Delucchi

Affiliate Researcher

Mark’s research involves economics (mainly cost-benefit analysis), environmental science, analysis of energy technologies, systems engineering, and town planning.

Julia Ekstrom

Julia Ekstrom

Affiliate Researcher, Climate Change Program

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Julie Witcover

Julie Witcover

Assistant Project Scientist

Julie’s research for the Policy Institute and the Institute of Transportation Studies focuses on transportation and climate policies.


Liliana Jeske

Student Assistant

Liliana is an Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning major with a natural resource economics minor. She is interested in the dynamics between social policy and the environment.